Our Story


Watch Hill oysters have been farm raised in Winnapaug Pond for the past 27 years by Jeff Gardner his family & crew. The farm is protected by a natural barrier beach with the open ocean being a mere 100 yards away. The Misquamicut Beaches provide protection from harsh weather while also providing shallow waters for us to work in and pay detailed attention to the oysters growth. This close proximity to the ocean also allows for nutrient rich waters to fill and empty the pond twice each day.

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The fresh seawater coming into the pond gives the oysters a unique flavor we call “The Taste of the Ocean” thanks to its briny flavor. This comes as no surprise to us as they contain salinity levels ranging from 29-34ppt, the average levels of salinity found in seawater. We recommend eating Watch Hill's either “naked,” meaning with no condiments. Or at most with a slice of lime giving you a taste of citrus and salt at the start with a hint of butter and sweetness ending with a minerally complex finish.

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The trays in which Watch Hill oysters are grown are custom made and designed, anchoring them to the hard packed sand of the pond floor. Pairing these elevated trays with a 3 foot tide rarely exceeding 5 feet surrounds the oyster with a constant flow of food rich water while also keeping them virtually free of sand and grit.

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Working year round it is not uncommon the the Watch Hill oysters crew to head out on the water in the dead of winter to to ensure a consistency in the quality of our oysters. Every aspect of the harvesting, culling, grading, and cleaning of the oysters is done by highly qualified hands ensuring we only sell the best of our product. Our oysters are our passion, and we do our best to ensure that such hard work and dedication is portrayed in our sweet briny flavor. We look forward to future experiences in the world of Aquaculture, hoping that the Watch Hill name spreads and even more can enjoy the fruits of our labor.